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JabraTerminal is a standalone web application component that I built from scratch as a fun personal and interactive project.

Hint: Try typing "help" in the terminal without quotation marks

Hint: Try asking for a joke or saying hello

Hint: Just like linux terminals, this terminal is also case-sensitive

About Me.

Hi! I'm Jack Jabra, Web Developer, IT Network Infrastructure Architect & Administrator, and Commercial Aircraft Pilot.

Who I am

I'm a multifaceted professional, proficient both as a web developer and an IT Network Infrastructure Architect. With a rare combination of skills, I bridge the digital realm by crafting dynamic web solutions and designing robust network infrastructure.

My Mission

My mission is to deliver exceptional IT services that cater to the operational requirements of businesses.
Value, Quality, and Trust are my pillars which keep me and my clients happy.

As a Web Developer, I create user-friendly and visually engaging websites and applications, skillfully navigating front-end and back-end technologies to deliver seamless digital experiences.

Simultaneously, as an IT Network Infrastructure Architect, I engineer the backbone of organizations' technological infrastructure, ensuring stability, scalability, and security in network design and maintenance. My ability to excel in both roles showcases my versatility and adaptability, making me a valuable asset capable of weaving the intricate threads of web development and network architecture into a cohesive and efficient digital ecosystem.


Web & Application Development

Experienced Fullstack Web Developer

Accomplished full-stack developer with a passion for creating dynamic and user-centric web applications. With expertise in a wide range of technologies, including front-end tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as proficiency in back-end frameworks and programming languages, I possess the versatility to create comprehensive solutions that not only boast impressive designs but also function seamlessly. You can find some of my code and projects right Here.

IT/Network Engineering

Network+ Certified IT Professional

I'm a dedicated IT Systems Administrator with a passion for maintaining and optimizing technology infrastructure. I bring a wealth of experience and expertise in managing a wide range of IT systems, from servers and networks to software applications. My focus is on ensuring the reliability and efficiency of IT operations within an organization. I approach my work with commitment to continuous learning, staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

UX/UI Design

With a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of design principles, I transform ideas into compelling visuals that resonate with audiences. Whether it's crafting striking logos, designing captivating marketing materials, or creating visually stunning websites (such as the one you're on at this very moment).

Projects & Applications



ChesterApp is an interactive, voice recognition enabled personal project that I created. It represents my cat Chester, I designed the Pixel Art and introduced certain functions to the app such as Chester's ability to purr when touched, ability to feed him, ability to request a joke, and the ability to call his name and get a response using voice recognition.


EVILC4T Website

This is a website I made for the DJ and Producer EVILC4T.



ScreenshotAPI © is an API that I coded in NodeJS/ExpressJS that takes in a URL as a query string and returns a PNG screenshot or PDF file of the contents of the link. Common uses are scanning a submitted link and investigating its contents prior to opening to avoid phishing attacks and malware.


Jabra Terminal

An interactive terminal handcoded from scratch using HTML/CSS and Vanilla JS by me.

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